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D856 Series

Digital Modules, Microphones, Modems  D856 Series
(for HF transceivers)

Digital Modules (D856-RD), Remote Speaker Microphones (RSM) BlackMic (D856-BM), Defender Modems (D856-DF) of D856 Series are Digital Voice units designed to provide maximum level protection of radio communication on HF Band from eavesdropping.

The Defender Modem (D856-DF) is designed to protect data transmission as well.

The Digital Modules (D856-RD), BlackMic RSM D856-BM, Defender Modems (D856-DF) of D856 Series are using the encryption with key length 56 bits (over 72 quadrillion keys).
Digital Modules (D856-RD), BlackMic D856-BM and Defender D856-DF of D856 Series are a perfect cost effective solution for high-end voice encryption for commercial users, police departments, public safety organizations and other systems as a defense against unauthorized interception of private and sensitive voice transmissions by casual or even the most determined listeners.

Features and advantages of Digital Voice of Modules (D856-RD), BlackMic RSM D856-BM and Defender Modem D856-DF:

  • Speech transmission in the form of "white noise", no vocalization; 
  • Spectrum efficient. Allows to use it to most commercial HF radios;
  • You can select one of 3 (three! – 2400, 1200 or 600 bps) low-rate vocoders depending on the current air propagation conditions.
    Robust 600bps vocoder operating at +1 dB SNR link;
    SNR in dB
    on 3 kHz
    Digital Voice D856
    600bps 1200bps 2400bps
    15 good robotic good good
    13 medium robotic good good
    11 medium robotic good good
    9 poor robotic good good
    7 poor robotic good -
    5 - robotic good -
    3 - robotic - -
    1 - robotic - -
  • More than 72 quadrillion (256) combination of digital keys;
  • Encryption algorithm - AES56;
  • Autobaud. Automatic receive of incoming signals with different rates;
  • Automode. Automatic receive of incoming signals with both Digital Voice and Analog Voice;
  • Plug-In connection to HF transceivers (BlackMic and Defender);
  • Solder installation into most HF transceivers (D856-RD);
  • Programming via PC;
  • Upgradeable.