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D756 Series

 Digital Modules D756 Series

Digital Modules D756 Series are digital speech modules designed to provide maximum level protection of radio communication from eavesdropping. The D756 modules are using the encryption with key length 56 bits (over 72 quadrillion keys). The D756 modules are a perfect cost effective solution for high-end voice encryption for commercial users, police departments, public safety organizations and other systems as a defense against unauthorized interception of private and sensitive voice transmissions by casual or even the most determined listeners.

Features and advantages of D756 series modules

  • speech transmission in the form of "white noise", no vocalization;
  • digital communication channel in analog system of radio communication
  • background noise rejection;
  • more than 72 quadrillion (256) combination of digital keys;
  • Encryption algorithm - proprietary AES56;
  • compatibility with any frequency invertors at analog keys (option);
  • compatibility with the double inversion voice band scramblers at analog keys (option);
  • working in Dispatch System DS (features Check, PTT-ID, OTAR, GPS location);
  • working through conventional analog repeater (12.5/25 kHz);
  • working in Simulcast, LTR, Voting Systems;
  • programmable automatic receive operation (Autodetect);
  • Plug-In installation into Motorola Professional, Motorola Commercial, ICOM, Vertex Standard, Hytera radios;
  • Solder installation into most other radios of "closed architecture";
  • programming via PC;
  • upgradeable.