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Modules for Motorola Pro

D756-GP, D756-GM Digital Modules
for Motorola Professional radios

D756-GP, D756-GM Digital Modules are designed for security of two-way radio systems and Plug-In installed into radios Motorola GP140, GP328, HT750, PRO5150, GP338, HT1250, PRO7150, GP340, GP360, GM338, GM340, GM360, GM380, GM640, GM660, GM1280.

D756-GP, D756-GM Digital Modules are modules of of D756 series with maximum security level - 56bit. More than 72 quadrillion digital keys combinations. "White noise". Compatible with the any frequency invertors and the double inversion voice band scramblers (at analog keys).

Versions of the radios

For correct operation of FILCOM modules in Motorola Professional radios the latter are to have corresponding version of the firmware.
Note that the radio firmware version is not the CPS software version.
We strongly recommend using the latest firmware version for the certain radios. If the versions don't correspond the radio should be upgraded up to the latest firmware version.
For 5 Tone radios (EMEA GP/GM 340, 360, 380) the firmware version is to be R03.01.25 or higher.
For MPT radios (EMEA GP/GM 640, 680, 1280) the firmware version is to be R02.04.00 or higher.
For MDC radios (EMEA GP/GM 140,160 and others) the firmware version is to be R05.00.03 or higher.

Digital Modules D756 Series



EMEA: GP140, GP340, GP640
ASIA: GP328, PTX700
LA: PRO5150, PRO5450
NA: HT750


EMEA: GP360, GP380, GP680
ASIA: GP338, GP339, PTX760
LA: PRO7150, PRO7450
NA: HT1250


EMEA: GM140, GM160, GM340, GM360, GM380, GM640, GM660
ASIA: GM328, GM338, GM339, MCX720, MCX760
LA: PRO5100, PRO7100, PRO7200
NA: CDM750,  CDM1250,CDM1550

Programming modules D756-GP, D756-GM

Programming modules D756-GP, D756-GM is carried out using:

  • out of the radio - via programming tool RDM9 or RDM9-USB
  • inside the radio - via standard radio programming set (RIB RLN4008 & cable)

Installation of modules D756-GP, D756-GM - PlugIn

For installation D756-GP into EMEA GP140 and GP340 radios a special 40-pin flex is required to connect the module to the radio. This flex must be extra ordered from our company or Motorola (Part.# 8480475Z03). In radios with a keypad, this flex comes with the radio.  For installation D756-GM into all mobile radios the Option Board Installation Kit (Motorola Part.# RLN4823) is required to connect and installation the module to the radio. This kit must be ordered from our company or Motorola Dealer.