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Modules for Vertex Standard

D756-VX Digital Modules  
for Vertex Standard radios

D756-VX Digital Modules are designed for security of two-way radio systems and Plug-In installed into Vertex Standard radios with optional connectors.

D756-VX Digital Modules are modules of D756 series with maximum security level - 56 bit. More than 72 quadrillion digital keys combinations. "White noise". Compatible with the any frequency invertors and the double inversion voice band scramblers (at analog keys). 

Compatable Radios:

VX-210, VX-351, VX-400, VX-410, VX420, VX510, VX-600, VX-800, VX820, VX-900, VX-920 VX-2100, VX-2200, VX-2500, VX-3200, VX-4000, VX-4100, VX-4200, VX-5500, VX-6000

Digital Modules D756 Series

Programming modules D756-VX

Programming modules D756-VX is carried out :

  • out of the radio - via programming tool RDM9 or RDM9-USB.

Installation of modules D756-VX

Installation of modules D756-VX - PlugIn. See Service Manual on the radio.