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Modules for most VHF/UHF Radios

D756-RD Digital Modules
for Most VHV/UHF Radios

D756-RD Digital Modules are designed for security of two-way radio systems and installed into the most professional two-way radios using soldering.

D756-RD Digital Modules are modules of D756 series with maximum security level - 56 bit. More than 72 quadrillion digital keys combinations. "White noise". Compatible with the any frequency invertors and the double inversion voice band scramblers (at analog keys).

Compatible Radios

Motorola GM300, M208,
Kenwood TK2107, TK270/370(G), TK760, TK3206, TK3312,
Vertex VX2000, VX3000, Standard GX1608, Yeasu VX510 etc


Digital Modules D756 Series



Programming modules D756-RD

Programming modules D756-RD is carried out only out of the radio - via programming tool RDM9 or RDM9-USB

Installation of modules D756-RD

Modules D756-RD are designed specially for installation to the radios of different manufacturers not possessing the special socket for optional devices using soldering. When installing D756-RD you should refer to corresponding Installation Manual to the radio. Adjustment of signal levels and configuring of the parameters (mode control, condition when the radio is enabled, the key etc) are carried out using the software at company-manufacturer when placing the order. You can change the parameters of the device with the help of special programmer RDM9 or RDM9-USB and programming software CONFIG.