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Module (wire-in)

D856-RD Digital Modules
for HF transceivers

D856-RD Digital Modules are designed for security of HF radio systems and installed into the HF transceivers by using soldering or plug-in.

Compatible HF transceivers

Most HF transceivers. We have tested our boards for following HF transceivers:

Icom IC-78, IC-716, IC-F8101, Kenwood TK-90, Vertex VX-1210, VX-1400, VX1700.

The user of the Transceiver with insalled D856-RD can work with one from two rates – 1200 or 2400 bps of built-in vocoder depending on the current propagating conditions

D856-RD - are digital modules of D856 series. More than 72 quadrillion digital keys combinations. "White noise".

Programming  D856-RD modules 

Programming  D856-RD modules is carried out  with help of software CONFIG and

  • out of the radio - via programming box RDM-HF
  • inside the radio - via programming tool RDM9 (but you need to modify the radio a little, pls send ur your request and we will reply you)

Installation of D856-RD modules  

When installing D856-RD you should refer to corresponding Installation Manual to the radio. Adjustment of signal levels and configuring of the parameters (mode control, condition when the radio is enabled, the key etc) are carried out using the software at company-manufacturer when placing the order. You can change the parameters of the device with the help of programming box RDM-HF and programming software CONFIG.

The installation of our boards is like as the installation of olden SC20-455 scramblers.