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Boards for Motorola MOTOTRBO


D756-MA Digital Encryption Modules
for Motorola MOTOTRBO radios

D756-MA Digital Encryption Modules are designed for security of two-way radio systems and Plug-In installed into Motorola MOTOTRBO Radios 8600 Series.

Our new product for MOTOTRBO is designed for a high level Encryption in Digital mode of the radios 8600 Series. We have a very unique feature that would allow with guidance the end user to apply its own algorithm. With this feature the product in some countries can be considered country made.

Versions of the radios

For correct operation of FILCOM modules in Motorola MOTOTRBO radios 8600 Series the latter are to have corresponding version of the firmware and are to have an activated Enhanced Audio/Data Routing Option (Part Number SW000449A01).
Note that the radio firmware version is not the CPS software version.
We strongly recommend using the latest firmware version for the certain radios. 
If the versions don't correspond the radio should be upgraded up to the latest firmware version.
The firmware version for 8600 Series is to be R02.30.00 or higher.


Digital Module MOTOTRBO Radios Models

Asia Pacific & Middle East: XiR P8600, XiR P8608,  XiR P8620,  XiR P8628, XiR P8660, XiR P8668, XiR M8620, XiR M8628, XiR M8660, XiR M8668


Africa, Europe, North America, Latin America and Caribbean



Programming modules D756-MA

Programming modules D756-MA is carried out using:

  • out of the radio - via programming tool RDM9-USB
  • inside the radio - via standard radio programming cable 

Installation of modules D756-MA - PlugIn

For installation D756-MA Modules into Portable and Mobile Radios 8600 Series a special flex is required.