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Boards for Kenwood NEXEDGE


D956-ND Encryption Modules
for Kenwood NEXEDGE radios

The D956-ND Encryption Modules are designed for security of NEXEDGE digital radio systems and Plug-In installed into Kenwood NEXEDGE Radios.

Versions of the radios

For correct operation of Modules D956-ND in Kenwood NEXEDGE radios the latter are to have corresponding version of the firmware.
We strongly recommend using the latest firmware version for the certain radios. 
If the versions don't correspond the radio should be upgraded up to the latest firmware version.
The firmware version is to be K 2.70.00 or higher.

Encryption Units NEXEDGE radios Models

NX-200E, NX-200E3, NX-200-ISK, NX-200-ISK2,
NX-200K, NX-200K2, NX-300E, NX-300E4,
NX-300-ISK2, NX-300-ISK4, NX-300K, NX-300K2,
NX-300K3, NX-300K4

NX-700E, NX-700HK, NX-700K, NX-800E,
NX-800HK, NX-800HK2, NX-800K, NX-800K2

The Crypto Levels of Modules:


In Digital Mode 
of Radio

In Analog Mode
 of Radio


CryptoLevel III 56bit


D956-ND - are Encryption Modules (maximum security level, CryptoLevel III). More than 72 quadrillion keys combinations (256).

Programming Encryption Modules D956-ND

Programming Modules D956-ND is carried out using:

  • inside the radio - via standard radio programming cable 

Installation of Encryption Modules D956-ND - PlugIn